Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 8 -10.45am

Munty Jack has just popped in, on a piece of paper it says 'If anyone is still interested then page 2 is up -'


  1. OMG Jemima!! Tartan slacks???

  2. They like soooo don't go with the pashmina/leopard skin combo.

    Still love u tho!!!

    ^.^ xxx

  3. Hello Lovely Protesters

    We heard a rumour here at mass today in the Abbey that the Nolan Sisters might be dropping in on you this week. Is this true? I've always fancied the one with the pudding bowl hairstyle myself.

    I send prayers to you all.

    P A Cable (Canon)

    PS: Please don't shit in our vestrey as it doesn't go down too well with the Bishop.

  4. It's been over 24 hours since the last post. I hope nothing dreadful has happened. You're not in prison are you?

    It's nothing to do with Jemima wearing tartan, is it?

  5. Darling!! Ardennes paté on wholemeal bread please. Late night nibbles, what fun!!

    hugs xx