Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 12 - 4.40pm

Right then. This is going to be hard to believe. After clever Jemima had worked out the Munty Jack clues this is what she told me.

The key is actually Queen Square...The Circus, Gay St and Queen Square form the outline of a key shape, supposedly designed with the influence of the Masonic movement (sooo yesterday)..the symbol of the Sun God is an obelisk which is currently pinning the key down in the centre of Queen Square.

Jemima (while sipping on a glass of 1998 Billecart Salmon Clos St Hilaire Champagne) then explained how Sebastian was the avatar of Hastur (the clues being a yellow card with the word sign written on it = The Yellow Sign, a silver pine tree on a green background = an emblem of Hastur and Sebastian painting himself yellow while wearing a cardboard crown = The Yellow King....all these are signs of Hastur, also known as Him Who Is Not To Be Named)  When Munty Jack left us a note saying ' The Masons and the Mythos' it pointed to The cthulhu Mythos....and Cthulhu is supposedly the half brother of Hastur...and is also trapped in R'lyeh, which is a sunken city in the South Pacific. And apparently Tarquin is the avatar of Cthulhu. (gosh!)

So Tarquin and Sebastian are possessed by Hastur and Cthulhu, age old star-beings, who once again on 11-11-11 will battle on the psychic plane, Cthulhu for the destruction of the world (possibly by releasing the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep) and Hastur to prevent Cthulhu escaping his underwater prison. (double gosh!)

I have decided to wear my Alexander McQueen tweed halterneck minidress for the occasion.


  1. And how did it look? Was everyone as amazed as they should be? (I'm talking about the Alexander McQueen minidress, obviously)

  2. It looks like a key though and its nice. But how does it work wearing those alexander mcqueen?

  3. This blog kept us going for the first 2 weeks, really it's a work of genius and the source of many jokes around the campfire, with people who didn't want to use their real names introducing themselves as Tarquin et al.

    What really made it for us was that some of it is true, and the author was obviously hanging around quite a bit. We had a tip-off as to their identity, and although this person has denied it on several occasions they are still the prime suspect (come off it, we've read your Twitter posts and your friend told us...). It's a real shame they didn't keep it up for the duration of the camp - it was our equivalent of a soap opera.

    I'm not even going to plug my blog of the real Occupy Bath here, because the fiction is far, far funnier.