Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 7 - 12.30pm

Phone call from daddy!! He expresses his full admiration of what we are trying to do here but does warn us that there has never really been an effective protest carried out in the City of Bath during its entire history. Daddy says the only thing that resembled one was in 1992 when that lovely Chris Patten lost his seat in the House of Commons. On election day the streets were crowded with a baying mob demanding the head of Patten (now Lord Patten of Barnes) although most of those drum banging hippies had been transported in from up to 100 miles away. He says that the people of Bath had become 'politically aware' for one day before once again embracing the torpor of this city. (We chose Don Foster over Chris Patten....Really?)
Didn't really understand much of what daddy said but I imagine it was bloody wonderful!

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