Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 7 - 5.30pm

Tensions are running high when we return to the camp. Reports of police brutality are slowly filtering through. Wonder if the reports are exaggerated by each person who hears it, such as initial report of 'man arrested after struggle' becomes 'twenty protesters crucified upside down by police' after eight or nine retellings? Maybe not. We stay in out tent and console ourselves with a glass of 1989 Pommery Grand Cru Vintage Champagne.


  1. I popped back home to pick up my copy of The Economist (sorry I missed the love-in Jemima), and found this letter from our colonial brothers and sisters who are occupying Wall Street:
    "The "machine" in America is about as far from free-market capitalism as one can get. Instead it is a corporatist system of crony-capitalism where welfare for the masses is a dirty phrase, and corporate welfare, in the form of subsidies for business and financial bail-outs, is the norm."

    Yeah, take THAT fat cats!!!

  2. Norm to answer your question directly or indirectly is, or rather was; a very funny cheeky chappy sort of bloke who as his persona Norman Wisdom typified the truly excellent, but sadly nowadays, much lamented Ealing comedies of the 1960's.

    He lived for many years of his dotage on the Isle of Man, on the gounda of its low rate of income tax and its many sheep.

    Norm of course suffering, or some might say enjoying, the 83% rate on income tax and 98% on unearned income at the height of of his fame.

    He died in cultural poverty in October 2010 aged 95 and was much loved and respectedby everyone in the trade.

    Norm is in my opinion an inspiraton. If OCCUPY can achieve the tax rates applicable in the 1970's then it will drive away from the UK mainland every truly obnoxious wannabe who ever appeared on the X-Factor. And THAT must be a good thing?

    BUT they will still be able to catch me on LW Radio 4.

    Tally ho!


  3. Ukalaylees! (sp.?)

    I remember!