Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 12 - 4.40pm

Right then. This is going to be hard to believe. After clever Jemima had worked out the Munty Jack clues this is what she told me.

The key is actually Queen Square...The Circus, Gay St and Queen Square form the outline of a key shape, supposedly designed with the influence of the Masonic movement (sooo yesterday)..the symbol of the Sun God is an obelisk which is currently pinning the key down in the centre of Queen Square.

Jemima (while sipping on a glass of 1998 Billecart Salmon Clos St Hilaire Champagne) then explained how Sebastian was the avatar of Hastur (the clues being a yellow card with the word sign written on it = The Yellow Sign, a silver pine tree on a green background = an emblem of Hastur and Sebastian painting himself yellow while wearing a cardboard crown = The Yellow King....all these are signs of Hastur, also known as Him Who Is Not To Be Named)  When Munty Jack left us a note saying ' The Masons and the Mythos' it pointed to The cthulhu Mythos....and Cthulhu is supposedly the half brother of Hastur...and is also trapped in R'lyeh, which is a sunken city in the South Pacific. And apparently Tarquin is the avatar of Cthulhu. (gosh!)

So Tarquin and Sebastian are possessed by Hastur and Cthulhu, age old star-beings, who once again on 11-11-11 will battle on the psychic plane, Cthulhu for the destruction of the world (possibly by releasing the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep) and Hastur to prevent Cthulhu escaping his underwater prison. (double gosh!)

I have decided to wear my Alexander McQueen tweed halterneck minidress for the occasion.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 9 - 3.00pm

Gosh! Where to start? Well yesterdays lunch was Smoked potato and poached hen’s egg ravioli with pak choi, roast chicken jus and leek velouté followed by Slow cooked Dingley Dell pork belly with choucroute, roasted apple, black pudding and pommes dauphine, dessert was Orange tart, meringue, seasonal berries and yoghurt ice cream. Wine - a 1990 Château Léoville-Las-Cases.

After lunch we were on our way back to camp when Tarquin was arrested!! OMG! The charges are a bit vague but he was arrested by the anti-terrorist and supernatural inquiries department, apparently the candles and other things he ordered off the internet form the first half of a demon banishing spell, outlawed since 1923!! It didn't help that his iPad browsing history contained links to the Necrinomicon and various 'how to kill' pages. Am sure everything will be fine.

Jemima and I arrived back at camp to find that Sebastian has become the 'Leader of the Revolution'? Every protester here is now wearing at least one piece of yellow clothing and frequently refer to Sebastian as 'The King in Yellow'. I am not happy. My genuine python Prada boots have not arrived. *very miffed face*

Jemima has now worked out all the clues Munty Jack has given us and says she will tell all tomorrow, and to be prepared for an almost unbelievable revelation.


Yesterdays dinner was a rather subdued affair, just Jemima and myself. Pan-fried sea scallops from the Isle of Skye with heritage apples, fresh walnuts, celery and cider emulsion then Roasted fillet of Cornish turbot with coco beans, girolles, morteau sausage, fennel pollen and chicken jus, dessert was Bitter chocolate cylinder with coffee granité and ginger mousse. For the wine we chose a 1982 Château Cos d'Estournel St-Estèphe.

Far too upset to return to camp so a couple of rooms booked at a pleasant little hotel just outside Bath.

After breakfast (eggs benedict) we decided to visit the spa as the stress was becoming a little too much. Just returned to the camp feeling much better.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 8 -10.45am

Munty Jack has just popped in, on a piece of paper it says 'If anyone is still interested then page 2 is up -'

Day 8 - 9.40am

Just discovered a little note Munty Jack left for us. It says 'The Masons and the Mythos'. Getting a little bored with this now.

Day 8 - 9.35am

We were on our way back to camp last night when who did we bump into? Jean-Paul!! Yes, Jean-Paul had been in town and had secured the backing of Barclays bank for his new venture 'Occupy The Maldives' (isn't he sooo clever?) We decided to celebrate at his little country cottage and before long we realised it was too late to return to camp.
Eggs Florentine for brekkie then back to camp. Not much activity there but it is possible that the '200' arrived overnight and left before we returned.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 7 - 8.05pm

Really, really love to spend more time in the camp...but it's fireworks!!! (Jemima is so excited she has just done a little wee). Will be having dinner after of course - Hay Smoked Mackerel, Lemon Salad, Gentleman’s Relish and Olive Oil followed by Hereford Ribeye, Mushroom Ketchup, Red Wine Juice and Fries, for dessert Lychee Frozen Ice, Rosehip Jam, Barberrie Granite and Red Currant. Wine will be a 2006 Château d'Yquem Grand Cru Classé, Sauternes. Promise to be back later guys!!

Day 7 - 6.50pm

Jemima is deeply upset about news coming in from Parliament Square and wants to do something to raise the spirits in the camp. She is torn between reciting 'Anarchy in the UK' in Latin while dressed in a police uniform or recreating The Siege of Leningrad through mime utilising the techniques of Jean-Gaspard Deburau. Tarquin (in a rare lucid moment) wonders why so many protesters are wearing Guy Fawkes masks, a symbol of a failed Catholic plot against a Protestant monarchy? I am not sure if I should wear the Versace this evening.

Day 7 - 5.30pm

Tensions are running high when we return to the camp. Reports of police brutality are slowly filtering through. Wonder if the reports are exaggerated by each person who hears it, such as initial report of 'man arrested after struggle' becomes 'twenty protesters crucified upside down by police' after eight or nine retellings? Maybe not. We stay in out tent and console ourselves with a glass of 1989 Pommery Grand Cru Vintage Champagne.

Day 7 - 5.00pm

Managed to catch the second half of the rugger at The Rec.Disappointing result. Jemima points out Bath are in a transitional period and expects at least three new signings to beef up the pack which are looking a little lightweight at the moment.

Day 7 - 2.00pm

No sign of the '200' so popping out for will be Jelly of quail, crayfish cream, chicken liver parfait, oak moss and truffle toast followed by salmon poached in a liquorice gel, artichokes, vanilla mayonnaise and golden trout roe. Wine will be a 2005 Château d'Yquem.

Day 7 - 12.30pm

Phone call from daddy!! He expresses his full admiration of what we are trying to do here but does warn us that there has never really been an effective protest carried out in the City of Bath during its entire history. Daddy says the only thing that resembled one was in 1992 when that lovely Chris Patten lost his seat in the House of Commons. On election day the streets were crowded with a baying mob demanding the head of Patten (now Lord Patten of Barnes) although most of those drum banging hippies had been transported in from up to 100 miles away. He says that the people of Bath had become 'politically aware' for one day before once again embracing the torpor of this city. (We chose Don Foster over Chris Patten....Really?)
Didn't really understand much of what daddy said but I imagine it was bloody wonderful!

Day 7 - 11.55am

Tarquin on his iPad again...reading an article called 'How to commit murder and get away with it'

Day 7 - 11.50am

Jemima has just told me she's going over to the hotel to Occupy Bathroom - lol!

Day 7 - 10.30am

Lovely meal at Jeremy's last night prepared by his personal chef Roger (Jemima thought 'dishy', I thought eyes too close together) which consisted of Chantilly of Colchester Oysters with a Tartare of Scallop and Oyster, Horseradish and Dill followed by Roasted Breast and Confit Legs of Pigeon with Red Leaves and Vegetables, Foie Gras and Plums, for dessert Thinly Sliced Figs with Whipped Ewes Milk Yoghurt, Fig Leaf Ice Cream and Citrus Beignets. Wine was a 1994 Grands-Echézeaux Grand Cru.
Didn't realise how late it was so decided to stay overnight. (Sorry guys! Really wanted to be with you at the camp last night *apologetic face*)
Tarquin in good spirits, treated us to his splendid Sylvester Stallone impersonation. Jemima became terribly upset when a Stella McCartney documentary came on the television so we decided to watch a new film called Margin Call instead. Made me understand just how difficult it must be working in a massive financial institution.
Arrived back at camp (which does look a little uninviting, maybe we can do something to brighten the place up?) and prepared ourselves for the arrival of the 200 who must surely be on their way as it is the weekend.
Sebastian is still in the tree. And yellow.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 6 - 8.35pm

Tarquin (still happily wet) suggests we should kill Sebastian.

Day 6 - 8.20pm

On the way to Jeremy's and noticed Sebastian is way up in the air in his little tree house....still covered in yellow paint and seems to be wearing some sort of crown crudely fashioned from cardboard. *completely blank face*

Day 6 - 8.10pm

In a bit of a rush! Jeremy is out of hospital and has arranged for a personal chef to prepare dinner for us at his house (won't know what we are having til later). Munty Jack came over and said we need to know the names of the two guides (did you follow the website link). Jemima (clever girl!) has worked out that the green and yellow cards given to us earlier by Munty Jack will lead to the first name. Any suggestions?

Day 6 - 5.20pm

Email from Jean-Paul!! Due to huge ticket sales he is going to make 'Occupy St. Tropez' a monthly event! Just sooo entrepreneurial!

Day 6 - 4.45pm

Munty Jack (here boy!) has just handed me a piece of paper with this written on it - will look later.

Day 6 - 4.10pm

Just noticed that Sebastian and his friends have all drawn the same symbol on their faces...very happy to see Sebastian bonding with these chaps. Have tried to draw the symbol for you.

Day 6 - 3.55pm

Busy 20 minutes! Tarquin has perked up quite a bit, especially when the rain was heavy, spent a while outside the tent getting very wet with a big grin on his face. Sebastian now seems very popular with a few of our fellow protesters, they are helping him build a little tree house. Jemima has heard rumours of some musical entertainment going on later and has been working on a mime/recital performance...she has chosen a section of a classic poem (below) which she shall repeat while miming the Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1241.
No no limits, we'll reach for the sky
No valley to deep, no mountain too high
No no limits, won't give up the fight
We do what we want and we do it with pride

Day 6 - 3.35pm

Have just figured out what our friend Munty Jack meant about the 'key'!! I know where it is! *amazed face*

Day 6 - 3.05pm

Jemima wonders why no one has tried covering all these colourful cardboard signs with clingfilm to stop them disintegrating in the rain...clever Jemima!!

Day 6 - 3.00pm

Still raining. Dogs seem to like it though.

Day 6 - 2.50pm

Have been looking at the lovely gifts Munty Jack has been giving us and decided that the picture of the tree is not White Cedar but Silver Pine...on a green background.

Day 6 - 2.15pm

Just looked over Tarquin's shoulder as he seems very intent on his iPad and noticed he has just made an online purchase of four blue candles, one white candle, one black candle, angelica root and Dragon's Blood incense. Maybe he wants to brighten up our tent as it is a little gloomy outside. Some of the protesters here seem to have taken a shine to Sebastian (even if he has covered himself in yellow gloss paint) as they stop and nod approvingly to his arrhythmic drumming, maybe they are jazz fans? *understanding face*

Day 6 - 2.05pm

Yummy lunch today - Sauteed duck foie gras followed by Alaskan king crab with Californian avocado, citrus and basil. Wine was a 1982 Château Cheval Blanc St-Emilion. No pudding as Tarquin feeling unwell *still hungry face*

Day 6 - 12.25pm

Jemima thinks it a little strange that the vandalism to the van last night has had more attention than the entire protest campaign. She also says that there is no way Stella McCartney would have made any impact in the fashion world without the help of daddy.

Day 6 12.05pm

Back at camp. Still no sign of the '200'. Sebastian has painted all his clothes yellow. Munty Jack nods a greeting then says 'day 63' and wanders away. I am tending to think of Munty the same way I did of Randolph, my funny little dalmatian.

Day 6 - 12.00pm

Decided on a Prada Printed Cowhide Leather Shoulder bag...think it match the rustic feel of the camp site *content face*

Day 6 - 10.25am

Something that our friend Amelia mentioned has been worrying me. She is right. I don't have any Prada with me. Off to the shops!! *big stupid excited money spending face*

Day 6 - 10.20am

Tarquin is looking quite pale...and dare I say a little anxious, hmmm...Munty Jack approaches and says 'Tarquin knows where the key is and understands the sun symbol and he realises that the green and yellow cards I gave you both point to the same answer'. I do love these little games but think this one is a bit too difficult...*thinking face*

Day 6 - 10.15am

Sebastian is now painting his face yellow. 'A much more suitable colour' Munty Jack tells us.

Day 6 - 9.40am

How strange is it going to get!! After dinner Tarquin insisted on driving to his country house as he wanted to visit the library. Jemima and I amused ourselves for a while then retired to our rooms. In the morning (sorry guys, couldn't make it back to the site to be with you *sorry face*) we found Tarquin asleep in the library surrounded by various books and his own scribblings (rather unsettling some of those). Noticed he had listed all the things Munty Jack had given us, also there was a disturbing looking book called the Necronomicon. Anyway we were determined to get back to camp so woke Tarquin (very unwell) quick snack of quail's eggs (good idea Amelia!)  and coffee and back to the camp. Apparently there has been an attack on a council van (not really the act of a revolutionary) and fingers (obviously) are pointed towards the camp  and a rather uninformed self styled ' roving reporter' on twitter has accused US!! Oh poor man, if only he had done a little research (too busy roving maybe?) he would have found out we were at Tarquin's all night .
Sebastian now has a drum which he strikes at apparently random intervals.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 5 - 8.35pm

More people arrived at the camp, they took some pictures then left. Sebastian has stopped digging, but remains in the hole staring at that big pillar thingy. Slightly worried about Tarquin, caught him trying to sneak out of the tent with some jam (Harrods Raspberry and Cassis), his eye tic is really quite noticeable now. Jemima asks us did we know that an anagram of Stella McCartney is Smelly Cancer Tat? Almost forgot about dinner but just managed to book a table...we will be having Cep baked in chestnut leaf, shallots and white wine, “croque monsieur” with four year old parmesan and spinach, light game and cep consommé followed by Oven roasted pigeon from Bresse with grilled polenta, smoked ventrèche, braised shallots and date sauce - and for dessert Banoffee pie souffle, banana and salted caramel crumble. Wine will be a 2008 Maison Henri Boillot Bâtard Montrachet Grand Cru.

Day 5 - 6.20pm

Tarquin has been doing some research on the internet and says it is possible we can 'deprogram' Sebastian right here! All we need is a bucket of water, some jam, a 3" diameter strip of silk and a lighter. I am dubious. Jemima says that she thinks all Stella McCartney designs are overrated.

Day 5 - 5.55pm

Another little present from our friend Munty Jack! He hands me a yellow card with the word 'sign' written on it, and a piece of paper with the words 'A symbol of the Sun God holds the key'. I wonder if he's playing a little game with us? Like one of those quiz things. How splendid!

Day 5 - 5.25pm

Heart wrenching moment! Jemima (who wisely has changed out of that Stella McCartney outfit, am sure it would look wonderful on the right person) runs out of the tent and drops to her knees near the hole Sebastian is digging. With her arms upraised she recites this marvelous poem.
Never gonna give you up,
never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry,
never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Sadly there is no reaction from Sebastian (who appears to be drinking apple juice from a large plastic container)

Day 5 - 5.05pm

Just checked on Sebastian. He has painted his face purple.

Day 5 - 4.50pm

It seems Tarquin's right eye  is developing a nervous tic.

Day 5 - 4.30pm

Back at campsite. Sebastian is still digging (awfully dirty now) and refuses to speak to anyone. Munty Jack has brought us another little gift. A piece of green card with a picture of a tree stuck to it (Jemima thinks it is a White Cedar, Tarquin believes it is a Silver Pine). There is also a little note 'The sun is part of the key'. I place them on the shelf with the other 'gifts'.
We are still waiting for the influx of protesters into the camp...apparently 200 are on their way!! A little worried for them as there are no facilities on this site. (We have reserved some rooms in the hotel opposite so are able to use all the amenities there - good thinking Tarquin!)
An afternoon snack of Pig’s trotter stuffed with langoustine, celeriac purée, apple and girolles with a glass of Bâtard-Montrachet Grand Cru 2006 Domaine Leflaive does little to alleviate our concern over poor Sebastian. *sad but still hopeful face*

Day 5 - 2.35pm

On the way back from lunch.
Emporio Armani jacket.
Had to buy it.

Day 5 - 12.55pm

Still unsure how to handle the Sebastian situation. Jemima has been outside and says she can see Sebastian digging a large hole. He is also wearing a faux fur hat that resembles roadkill. *worried face*
All agree it's no good thinking on an empty stomach so decide we should go for lunch. Today it will be Pressed foie gras with peppered Madeira jelly, smoked duck, peach and almond crumble followed by Roasted fillet of Cornish turbot with coco beans, girolles, morteau sausage, fennel pollen and chicken jus. Wine is a 1942 Château Doisy-Daëne Barsac.

Day 5 - 12.15pm

Tensions running high in our tent. I suggest we must leave Sebastian alone, let him make his own decision about this sudden, strange change. Tarquin wants to call his uncle and get him to bring a tranquilizer gun down from the farm. His plan is to sedate Sebastian and send him to a de-programming centre as he has 'clearly been brainwashed by Communists' Jemima wants to know if her new Stella McCartney outfit makes her bum look big.

Day 5 - 11.35am

After dinner last night we received an invitation to attend a gallery opening exhibiting the works of Hans Hoffman. Tarquin was a little angry when I suggested some paintings could have been done by a chimp with a crayon. Wine was a barely adequate 1955 Château Giscours Margaux. Agreed that it was probably too late to return to the campsite as we may wake our fellow protesters, so we drove to Beechfield House Hotel and booked 4 rooms.
After breakfast (Scrambled eggs over smoked salmon with whole wheat toast) we returned to campsite. Another chap has joined Munty Jack and as we ....OMFG!! It's Sebastian. With a mohican! Dyed purple! In a dirty combat jacket! (What's happened to that lovely Paul Smith Single Breasted Shakskin Suit?)
We hurry into the tent for a serious tete a tete (a tete)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day 4 - 7.10pm

Off to dinner, absolutely famished, could mange un cheval.

Day 4 - 6.35pm

Tarquin (just soooo intense) has found this little poem which really sums up how we are feeling at this moment -

Life is a minestrone
served up with parmesan cheese
Life is a cold lasagne
suspended in deep freeze

Day 4 - 6.25pm

Munty Jack just been over again with a small parcel for us (how kind!). It contains some salt, a small bell and a note that says 'have you seen the key?' I have made a little shelf to display the items on as it's the first gift we have had here. Maybe we all are in this together now. *happy face*

Day 4 - 6.15pm

Not much to do until dinner. Tarquin busy on his iPad and Jemima has just moved into the Upavistha Parivrttasana pose.

Day 4 - 5.50pm

Munty Jack (who Sebastian was talking to before his disappearance) has just come over to tell us that Sebastian will be back...that he has no choice and there are only nine days left.
What a strange man.
Anyway supper is going to be Cannelloni of lobster and Scottish salmon, baby rocket salad followed by Fillet of sea bream with pepper caponata and buttered spinach, fried oyster, Champagne velouté. Dessert will be Chocolate mousse with coffee emulsion and chocolate ice cream (extra-yum!!) Wine is Château Margaux 1958.

Day 4 - 5.25pm

Just stepped out of our tent for the first time in two hours (we have been rehearsing play) to find weather taken a turn for the worse...may have to postpone play again. Still no sign of Sebastian *worried face*

Day 4 - 3.10pm

Just received a call from Sebastian's therapist who says that Sebastian has shown symptoms of delusional paranoia, and though he may not appear obviously odd, strange or peculiar during periods of active illness Sebastian might make unusual choices in day-to-day life because of the delusional beliefs. The Doctor thinks that by exposing Sebastian to life on this campsite we may have triggered a reaction.


Anyway, we have decided to try and put the play on with just the three of us with Jemima having a dual dance and mime role.

Day 4 - 1.55pm

Back at campsite. Sebastian missing.

Day 4 - 12.01pm

Lunch will be Cornish crab salad, carrot salad, citrus purée and brioche croûtons followed by Label Anglaise chicken, cannelloni of crayfish, sautéed baby gem, cep velouté - dessert will be Elderflower pannacotta, strawberry salad, vanilla ice cream. Bit of a disagreement about the wine, finally settled on a Château Pavie 2008.

Day 4 - 11.55am

Marvelous mime by Jemima!! Managing to combine comedy and tragedy with a hint of farce. Sublime!! Sebastian was unmoved.

Day 4 - 11.35am

While we decide what to have for lunch Jemima is going to try and cheer poor Sebastian up by performing one of her mimes, this depicting the 1789 storming of the Bastille *excited face*

Day 4 - 10.40am

More and more people are arriving in the square, unfortunately none are entering the campsite area. Actually I think it's just people who work in the area.

Day 4 - 10.20am

Sebastian still subdued *worried face*. Even the news that an unknown comrade has started tweeting about us fails to excite him  (#occupybath)

Day 4 - 9.50am

Jemima is consoling herself by rehearsing her solo mime scene for tonight's play. Sebastian has spent the last 30 minutes in deep conversation with a chap from the nearby tent  (Munty Jack I think he is called). Sebastian is very quiet when he returns and I am a little worried when he only drinks half a glass of Château Margaux 1978.

Day 4 - 8.40am

Jemima is very upset. She has taken delivery of 4 dozen truffled cheese canapes that she was going to give, as a welcoming gesture, to the expected influx of protesters.....she has 47 left.

Day 4 - 8.00am

Our gift of a metronome has just been delivered to our drummer friends but they seem a little confused. It reminds me of that scene from 2001 a Space Odyssey where those cute little chimps are gathered around the monolith...

Day 4 - 7.50am

I feel awful and fear I may have made a fool of myself at Naomi's last night. Tarquin, Sebastian and Jemima are not talking to me and I couldn't eat any of the breakfast we ordered (Scrambled eggs, smoked back bacon, herb sausage, grilled tomatoes). Arrived back at camp to somewhat hostile looks from our comrades - but who can blame them. Once again we feel we have let them down by our failure to perform our promised play/dance/mime.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day 3 - 10.35pm

Am really, really, really drunk...think I'm going to sleep with Naomi's brother... *big idiot grin*

Day 3 - 10.05pm

Just realised we had promised to perform Call of the Revolution by Leonid Andreyev (incorporating mime and dance) for our comrades at 10pm!! Sorry!!  *big serious apologetic face*

Day 3 - 9.55pm

Still at Naomi' show just sooo brill! (Apart from the  '75 Chateau Haut Brion - so yesterday!) We have all agreed to stay overnight in the camp tonight with our brothers and sisters so will be leaving soon. Sebastian has a little surprise for our friends in the tents...he has arranged for a Wittner Pyramid Solid Wood Metronome to be delivered to the chaps on the little drums...they will be sooo thrilled!!

Day 3 - 8.40pm

Sebastian, Tarquin, Jemima and myself have all left for the Dior fashion show. Tarquin has arranged for his Uncle Gaylord to install four life size dummies in our tent. Apparently they can replicate the heat emissions given out by the human body so that any thermal imaging scans will show that we are still in the we haven't really left you guys...*hugs*

Day 3 - 7.40pm

A little bit annoyed by small children encroaching upon our area then Sebastian had this sooo brilliant idea!! He has dug a series of small holes around our tent explaining that this was very effective against cavalry charges and therefore should be equally effective against toddlers. Just sooo clever!

Day 3 - 7.20pm

Have decided to go to the Dior fashion show.

Day 3 - 7.10pm

Sebastian has been in deep discussion with one of our fellow protesters. This chap explained that he is only going to be here 'part time' as he is studying at Bath University. Sebastian pointed out that if he was really committed to the cause then he would give up his studies and the massive interest free loans he is getting from financial institutions (with no prospect of employment for the next 4 years) and spend that time trying to raise the living standards of those less fortunate than himself. As he walked away without answering the moonlight did shine upon his Nike trainers.

Day 3 - 5.40pm

OH NO!!! Just as we had finished rehearsing our play/mime/dance I get a call from Naomi who is having a little gathering tonight including A DIOR FASHION SHOW!! I don't know what to do! We have worked so hard on our performance (Jemima's solo mime representing the crushing weight of corrupt business on the working man is just stunning!!!) and I know the few people here have been sooo looking forward to it....but it's DIOR!! *massively confused anguished face*

Day 3 - 5.00pm

Tarquin has just made the most moving gesture to the camp. He said as there are so few people here he is willing to pay for the recruitment of 35 'protesters' plus their tents (it doesn't really matter if they don't speak english does it?)

Day 3 - 4.30pm

I am sure one of the small children here is called Moonbeam Ashanti Butterfly Starlove, though I may be mistaken.

Day 3 - 4.10pm

Day 3 - 3.40pm

Sebastian (he's just sooo deep!) has just recited a poem which tries to explain the sacrifices that are necessary during times of civil unrest and revolution. We are all very moved *teary face*.

Billy, don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life
Billy, don't be a hero, come back and make me your wife
And as he started to go she said  Billy, keep your head low
Billy, don't be a hero, come back to me

Day 3 - 3.30pm

Email from Jean-Paul. Apparently his super idea of 'Occupy St. Tropez' is gathering momentum. In fact so many people are interested he has decided to make it a ticket only event.

Day 3 - 2.45pm

This really is the most splendid location for a protest camp. Sunlight illuminating the surrounding Georgian buildings. Clever Tarquin has just reminded us of a quote by William Wilberforce "Bath is the worst of all places for getting any work done"

Day 3 - 2.20pm

Missing my pony (Rampant Marmalade Baguette)

Day 3 - 1.05pm

Had an early lunch (Seared and marinated Casterbridge beef  with confit beetroot followed by Ballottine of plaice and wild mushrooms, crushed peas, razor clams, pancetta and for dessert Hazelnut parfait, roasted nectarines and nectarine sorbet, wine was Château Lafite-Rothschild - 2003)

Day 3 - 10.20am

Just found out our wonderful friend Jeremy is pitching in. Last night he took down the poorly designed cardboard signs we protesters had erected around the camp and drove off to his signmaking business to get some brand new ones. Unfortunately he was involved in an accident on the way back and the ensuing fire destroyed all the new signage. Get well soon Jeremy and thanks for trying!!!!

Day 3 - 10.10am

A gentle velvet cloak of ennui seems to have settled over the camp. We certainly expected more things to happening (perhaps a quiz thing, or a raffle) and also the drab colours of the few tents around aren't helping. *sigh*

Day 3 - 8.35am

Gosh where to start! Dinner at The Priory last night was double yum (Raviolo of Cornish lobster, Devonshire beef fillet and Caramel and cardamom parfait to finish, all washed down with a deccent bottle of Château Mouton-Rothschild 1995 Pauillac). Tarquin and Sebastian worked out their differences and the splendid mime/dance routine is going to be marvelous. Before heading back to the camp to continue our protest we decided to have a quick drink in that new club on the Paragon. OMG!! As Tarquin said it was like going back in time 25 years. Sebastian asked for a bottle of Château l'Evangile 2005 Pomerol (which any decent club should have) and the blank stare of the barperson  said all we needed to know. Quick exit! We were all very upset by this episode and agreed that going back to the campsite feeling as we did would be of no use to anyone so we booked four rooms at The Royal Crescent Hotel and had a pleasant rest.
Arrived back at camp to find someone had left us a little hamper from Fortnum & Mason's (disappointingly it was only the Burlington Hamper when we usually have the Windsor Hamper, oh well) I think some of the people here were upset that we didn't perform our play/dance/mime last night as they gave us some funny looks but we shall perform tonight so I think all will be happy (*excited face*)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Day 2 - 7.05pm

First bit of trouble since we arrived at the campsite!!!
Tarquin isn't happy with the dance/mime that Sebastian has devised and Sebastian then tells Tarquin that he doesn't know that expressionist dance is a European dance form that is part of the German Expressionist movement (silly - we all know that!) Before things get too heated I suggest we book a table at The Priory where we can discuss this properly. Everyone agrees, table is booked for 8pm.

Day 2 - 6.35pm

The play seems to be coming along super! Tarquin has decided that I shall play the role of Woman (yes!) and he shall play the role of Man. Behind us Sebastian and Jemima will be wearing lycra body suits and performing a dance/mime...this will be a dance of joy juxtaposing itself against our bleak existence. Try and picture the joyful leaps and bounds of Sebastian and Jemima which will act as a backdrop for this opening exchange ....

WOMAN: Did you hear?

MAN: Come to bed.

WOMAN: You didn’t?

MAN: Hear what?

WOMAN: Outside.  They’re building barricades.

MAN: Where?

WOMAN: Here.  On our street.

    [They lock eyes for a long moment—the MAN’s face turns pale.  He goes to the window.  The WOMAN continues to tremble, but her eyes remain locked on the man, motionless, gauging his reaction.]

MAN: How long?

WOMAN: An hour at least.


MAN: My brother?

WOMAN: He’s gone.  He knew you’d try to stop him, so he left as soon as it started.  I saw him go.

MAN: Why didn’t you wake me?

WOMAN: What could you have done?


MAN: It’s really happening.  I can’t believe it.

    [She clasps his hand.]

WOMAN: Are you afraid?

Day 2 - 6.20pm

Cold and dark. Mood in the camp seems subdued. Sebastian has decided he wants to incorporate a dance/mime act into our play....he is soooo talented!

Day 2 - 5.40pm

Tarquin has decided that we must make more effort as, after 24 hours here, we are 'real protesters' and has decided that we should perform a short play for our comrades gathered here. We have decided to adapt CALL OF THE REVOLUTION by Leonid Andreyev which most people here will probably know. Soooo excited!

Day 2 - 5.25pm

Wall Street has just finished and is as powerful now as it was when released. Greed is NOT good! (I mean look at all the fat kids around!) But obviously some people can eat more than others, I mean look at Tamsin...she eats all day and never goes a pound over 7 stone *jealous face*

Day 2 - 3.10pm

The wonderful, wonderful Jeremy has just brought over a small generator, a flatscreen TV and a dvd player! Even better he has given us a copy of Wall Street (my favourite! So moving). We are going to settle down and watch this classic film with some smoked salmon and a bottle of Chateau Gilette 1947 Doux Sauternes.

Day 2 - 2.25pm

A young girl (boots with that dress! ugh!) has just wandered over to our tent and said "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" To which Sebastian replied "That is not logical Captain" PMSL!!

Day 2 - 2.05pm

Sebastian has arrived with his guitar (a Martin HD28V) and has just sang what he called 'one of the great songs of the revolution'. We all cried. I made him write down the words so I can share it with you...

Can you hear the drums Fernando?
I remember long ago another starry night like this
In the firelight Fernando
You were humming to yourself and softly strumming your guitar
I could hear the distant drums
And sounds of bugle calls were coming from afar

They were closer now Fernando
Every hour every minute seemed to last eternally
I was so afraid Fernando
We were young and full of life and none of us prepared to die
And I'm not ashamed to say
The roar of guns and cannons almost made me cry

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though we never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando

Now we're old and grey Fernando
And since many years I haven't seen a rifle in your hand
Can you hear the drums Fernando?
Do you still recall the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande?
I can see it in your eyes
How proud you were to fight for freedom in this land

PS I don't know who Fernando is but I'm sure he would have liked to be with us here today...maybe his visa had expired?

Day 2 - 1.35pm

Have just spread 3 kilograms of dog repellent crystals around our tent.

Day 2 - 1.15pm

Back in our tent. Tarquin suggested that wearing my new boots here may not be such a good idea so I have put them in a taxi and sent them home.

Missing you already!!

Day 2 - 12.35pm

Not back at campsite yet as decided to buy some new boots (McQueen or Dior?). Just been approached by a man who is going on about the 'occupation' (can't he tell I am one of them!! Have decided on Dior), he said Contemporary society is commodified society, where the economic transaction has become the dominant way of relating to the culture and artifacts of human civilization, over and above all other means of understanding, with any exceptions being considered merely a temporary holdout as the market swiftly works on ways to monetize those few things which stubbornly remain untouched. Perhaps the most pernicious aspect of this current setup is that it has long ago co-opted the very means of survival within itself, making our existence not an inherent right endowed to us by the simple fact of our humanity but a matter of how much we're all worth -- the mere act of being alive has a price tag.

Whatever!  *rolls eyes*

Day 2 - 12.20pm

Just had a call from Jean-Paul (he had to fly back to France *sadface*) who has this sooo brilliant idea! He is organizing 'Occupy St. Tropez'!! We are all flying down next week. Brill!!

Day 2 - 11.49am

The TV people are coming!! Off to get hair cut and buy some new clothes!

Day 2 - 11.35am

Just been looking at the occupy Bath facebook page (on my new iPhone 4S - thanks daddy!!) and it says that 196 people have pledged to join us here! Although 587 of my friends said they would come to my birthday at St. Catherine's Court and only 305 turned up - guess it's easier to click  the I'm Attending button than actually walk anywhere...

Day 2 - 10.30am

Jemima has brought some snacks for us and a nice bottle of Chevalier-Montrachet 2002 Domaine Leflaive. Yum!

Day 2 - 9.20am

Back in the tent after wonderful night's sleep in 3 star hotel. Wonderful news too...Jerry has arrived! Obviously he can't drive his new motor home (the Coachmen Sportscoach Cross Country Elite 370 DS) into the campsite so he has parked nearby where we can wave at each other.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Day 1 - 10.30pm

Jean-Paul has written a little revolutionary poem for me -

I hear rushing of muskets, and bright'ning of swords, and visages redd'ning with war,
Frowning and looking up from brooding villages and every dark'ning city.
Ancient wonders frown over the kingdom, and cries of women and babes are heard,
And tempests of doubt roll around me, and fierce sorrows, because of the nobles of France.
Depart! answer not! for the tempest must fall, as in years that are passed away.'

He then explained that the hotel had only a double bed room left.

Updates for you tomorrow. Byeee!!


Day 1 - 10.18pm

A large hippy type woman (conditioner - hellooo?) has started to play the guitar and sing (?) what i presume to be 'Give Peace A Chance'. What!!! Are we at war? Jean-Paul says it is OK...he has booked a room in the (conveniently) nearby hotel for us.

Day 1 - 10.10pm

Bored. Cold.

Day 1 - 9.50pm

Brilliant!! Tamsin just called and said she can see my blog (squeee!) Said she would love to be here but couldn't get back from Cannes in time.....Love U!!!

Day 1 - 9.30pm

Jean-Paul (he's soooo clever...and French!) has just said that the last people to occupy Bath were the Romans. And that wasn't really bad was it? So maybe we are doing the right thing.

Day 1 - 9.20pm

A weird man (not my opinion, he introduced himself thus - "Hi, I'm Weird Man) just came up to our tent and gave us a leaflet which said 'One could add, however, that an emphasis on the opposite - the primacy of objective material realities and the secondary importance of the "subjective" element - can lead to another form of non-revolutionary determinism. This comes through in some of the formulations of the Second International’s influential "pope of Marxism," Karl Kautsky, who emphasized that it was the "objective realities" of the capitalist economy, not the "subjective realities" associated with the ideas and activities of the labor movement, that would bring about the socialist revolution. Such seemingly hardheaded, "scientific" fatalism and determinism has all-too-often passed for profound Marxist wisdom. This can cause working-class militants to passively wait for revolutionary inevitabilities which, as the history of the twentieth century demonstrates, never materialize.'
we read it, then as one looked at him and shouted "He's a weird man and he smells of pee' until he went away.

Day 1 - 8.25pm

Arrhythmic drumming becoming really annoying!! Jemima has a brilliant idea though. She has called the police over and told them that the bad drummers have tried to sell her monkey tranquilizer! The police have dragged them all away! PMSL!!

Day 1 - 8.00pm

Some people are shouting at us...something to the effect that if we have enough time to waste sitting in tents then couldn't we use that time to help the needy/poor/homeless instead. Really? LMAO - ROTFL - LOL

Day 1 - 7.45pm

One of the scruffy chaps (shampoo - duh!) has come over to our tent to say how 'cool' it is that we are here supporting this movement. Tarquin hit him with a stick *giggle*

Day 1 - 7.35pm


Day 1 - 7.30pm

A very nice man who works in one of daddies restaurants has just brought over some lobster thermidor for us to share (hooray!) Am getting a little annoyed with the people in a tent near us who insist on banging a selection of very small drums they have. Why?

Day 1 - 7.18pm

A little confused why we are 'occupying' Bath when Daddy owns most of it....I am sure there is a good reason.

Day 1 - 7.15pm

Forgot that Goethe had come under the influence of Europe's Oriental renaissance. Boring!

Day 1 - 7.00pm

Decided to pop down to the Ustinov Studio to watch Iphigenia (by Goethe, in a new translation by Meredith Oakes). Back in a bit!

Day 1 - 6.30pm

Nothing much happening so we are trying to decide what to have for breakfast tomorrow, unanimous decision is eggs benedict (yum). One of the chaps thinks that the police (fascists!) may try and blockade any deliveries trying to be made to us and wrote this little poem...

In these hollow days
they denied us hollandaise,
we had to use mayonnaise.
Eggs Revolution!

Day 1 - 6.00pm

Getting a little bored now.

Day 1 - 5.30pm

Fascists!!! Police have refused permission for me to ride my pony (Rampant Marmalade Baguette) around Queen's Square,,,just another example of State controlled suppression!!

Day 1 - 5.00pm

Things just keep getting better! Tarquin has arrived with a bottle of Krug Rose Champagne! Jemima's daddy has just arrived with our tent and brought some working class chaps along to erect it for us. (see pic below)

Day 1 - 4.30pm

Great news! The occupy Bath location is Queens Square, lovely views of classical Georgian architecture, well kept grass enclosure for our tents and no financial institutions in sight!